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What is Terrazzo?
Venetian construction workers, as a low cost flooring material, used marble chips from upscale jobs to create Terrazzo. They were using leftover marble chips to create a natural and beautiful pavement.

Unlike most floors, Terrazzo can be refinished to a higher gloss than it had originally 40 years ago. Applications of acrylic finishes have been the standard means of sealing and finishing Terrazzo. Recently, honing and polishing with diamond abrasives have established new levels of gloss that reveal the natural beauty of the stone, creating a polished marble floor.

In 1931 the Terrazzo and Mosaic Association set the standards for the Terrazzo we find in our homes today. Two parts marble chips and one part Portland cement, Terrazzo is poured over the foundation before the interior walls are in place. After pouring and pressing with rollers, Terrazzo is ground to an 80 grit finish. Terrazzo is a continuous marble floor that is 5/8" thick and at least 70% marble on the surface.


Frank Flooring, Inc. Enjoy the easy cleaning and maintenance
Frank Flooring, Inc. Enjoy the beauty and shine
Frank Flooring, Inc. Enjoy the smooth feel of walking over a marble floor
Frank Flooring, Inc. Clean easily with any household cleaner except acid cleaners
Frank Flooring, Inc. Use good sand catching door mats, and shake them out often. Stick felt pads under furniture and dining room chairs, etc.
Frank Flooring, Inc. Damp mop with 2 - 3 oz. of vinegar or nonsudsy ammonia per gallon of water.



Frank Flooring, Inc. Pull nails out of flooring, the nail may pull out a piece of the flooring
Frank Flooring, Inc. Pull carpet tack strips out of flooring if it has been covered
Frank Flooring, Inc. Use Acid Cleaners on the Flooring – as it will etch and can make the floor porous
Frank Flooring, Inc. Apply wax or other coatings – Professional buffing once a year or two, will extend the life of the floor for years to come.

The Process

Diamond abrasives of various types and coarseness are used. Starting with an aggressive segmented metal bond diamond for cutting through wax, glue and stains. Followed by a series of resin matrix diamond abrasives ranging from 30 grit to 400 grit for smoothing, honing and the beginning of the polishing process. The 6 grinding, honing and polishing steps are done with water to minimize dust and the slurry is vacuumed off the floor with each pass.

After overnight drying, the final process can be completed. Recrystallization is a chemical process that seals the floor and creates a high gloss that is harder than the stone itself.

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